Mike Beatz – “Heaven”

This producer turned MC is one half of Wizard Sleeve. Mike Beatz has produced a moody song with a very creepy video. Check out “Heaven”.

Kitty Pryde – “Okay Cupid”

The InterWebs is on fire with love for Kitty Pryde, whose video for “Okay Cupid” came out a couple weeks ago. Check it out, or the kidz gonna know you’re old.

D. Tucker – “Love It, Hate It”

Shouts out to D. Tucker, holding it down in the M-I-A-M-I. His vid for “Love it, Hate it” shows he ain’t playin’. Download his free mixtape off Dat Piff and find more from him on his site: http://SomewhatGoodIsOkay.com and

Amanda Diva – “Manchild”

Amanda Diva is a queen of the poetical, political and soulful. “Manchild” is a perfect example of her style and power.