TAÏRO – “Bonne Weed Live from l’Antirouille de Montpellier”

French rapper TAÏRO brings us a song about that sticky-icky good stuff. Check the live video for “Bonne Weed” from Tom’s / Look-Here.fr.

SpotHymn – “Bubonic”

Sunspot Jones (of Living Legends fame) and Himself (from Netherworlds) team up to bring you SpotHymn. Sit back and relax with a little of that “Bubonic” we find so relaxing.

CunninLynguists – “Never Come Down (the Brownie Song)”

“Never Come Down” is off the latest CunninLynguists album, Strange Journey vol. One.

Abstract Rude – “Nuff Fire”

Nuff Fire is the first single off Abstract Rude’s album, Rejuvenation, which comes out May 5, 2009.