Mad Dukez – “It’s Going Down b/w I Tried”

Just killin’ it around the house, yo. Mad Dukez got that “It’s Going Down” video backed with “I Tried”. You gotta put it up for WNY!

Pseudo Intellectuals – “No Money Mo Problems”

Pseudo Intellectuals bring us that pure rustbelt vibe from Buffalo with “No Money Mo Problems”. Check out the Pseudo Intellectuals website, too.

Azealia Banks – “212”

Preppin’ for her new album, Azealia Banks drops “212” on us. Shout out to Jake for sending in the link!

Poofy & The Busboys – “Victory”

Get down with some positive vibin’ jam band action. Poofy and the Busboys bring a spoof-filled video for “Victory”.