Shawn Collins – “Jews & Blacks”

Check out “Jews & Blacks” from Shawn Collins. We want to know more about this guy. He’s a huge Batman fan. Maybe we’ll be hearing more from him.

P-Sweety – “Ghetto Collision”

Straight outta Ohio, P-Sweety brings some rastaman vibe to “Ghetto Collision”. Dig it.

Blueprint – “Dream Big”

We asked our pal, RoQ’y TyRaiD, who he wanted to share the spotlight with today, and it only took him a hot minute to come back with an answer: Blueprint is back with an off-the-hook joint, “Dream Big”. You gotta check out that epic track, and download the FREE Blueprint Who EP for all the […]

Reflection Eternal – “Ballad of the Black Gold”

We featured Reflection Eternal just a few weeks ago, but the latest video for their track “Ballad of the Black Gold” is topical. Let’s hope we’re seeing the light in the Gulf, and changing our ways everywhere else..