MC Type feat. Prof – “My Backpack”

Check out Prof guesting on that new MC Type video for “My Backpack”. Yeah, it’s a novelty song, but heads will think it’s funny and it’s got a truckload of HHHD alums on this.

Prof – “Gampo”

Prof gets crazy up on the first track from King Gampo, his new mix tape. Check out the vid for “Gampo”. And download the King Gampo mix tape for free.

Prof – “Animal”

We were a bit late to the party with our Prof retrospective last month, but we’re making up for it with a totally timely Prof video for “Animal” from the Kaiser Von Powderhorm EP. Download the entire album for free at

Prof & St. Paul Slim – Recession Music

If you haven’t already downloaded Prof & St. Paul Slim’s free album, Recession Music, then you probably ought to get that going while you watch all these videos. This has been one of the least recognized albums of 2009, but Prof and St. Paul Slim are some of the best new rappers on the scene, […]