Sage Francis Vs. dan le sac “Three Sheets to the Wind” Remix

A cross-Atlantic remix of Sage Francis’ “Three Sheets to the Wind” from dan le sac. One of the standout tracks on the Li(F)e album is made even better with the infusion of some serious dubstep and Darth Vader. Check out for more.

Rye Rye – “Bang feat. M.I.A. (Stanton Warriors Remix)”

The Stanton Warriors Remix of “Bang” puts a whole new sound on this club anthem, the latest from B-More’s talented young Rye Rye.

Peaches and Tone Loc – “Wild Thing”

This version of “Wild Thing” adds a whole new set of female lyrics to turn the Tone Loc classic into a whole different kind of duet. Peaches always bring something fresh to the game. This is no exception.

Mickey Factz feat. The Cool Kids – “Rockin N Rollin (Remix)”

“Rockin N Rollin” unites Brooklyn-based Mickey Factz with Chicago’s Mikey and Chuck from The Cool Kids. Dig that accordion, yo.