Aesop Rock – “Zero Dark Thirty”

Aesop Rock is back solo style, and the first video for “Zero Dark Thirty” is out. Download a copy of the track here.

George Watsky – “Stupidass”

George Watsky is a poet, a college graduate (suck it Kanye!) and an environmenalist. Oh yeah, he spits some funky rhymes, too. Check out “Stupidass”. Get more at

Alexander Spit – “Beat for the Street”

San Francisco’s Alexander Spit just released Open 24 Hours. The first video is “Beat for the Street”. Not a bad way to start the day. (Check out that badass mustache!)

The Mighty Underdogs – “Science Fiction”

The third video from their album Dropping Science Fiction, “Science Fiction” clearly shows some 70s funk roots. This also fits with the background Lateef the Truth Speaker and Gift of Gab, the two members of The Mighty Underdogs, members of the influential Bay Area hip hop scene.