Kingdom Crumbs – “Evoking Spirits’

Kingdom Crumbs brings a video for experimental electronic hip-hop track “Evoking Spirits”, animated by Israeli artist Ori Toor. Name your own price on for the album on Bandcamp:

The MC Type – “Craigslist Pimpin”

We don’t usually pull out the comedy hitz, but The MC Type brings some “Craigslist Pimpin” out of Seattle.

Griff J – “Checking In”

Griff J comes with the first video from his new mixtape, “Checking In”. Super 8 video, classic style beats and some nice instrumentation make this one to put on repeat for your workday. Also grab the free mixtape, Miserable Heroes and other stuff at

SOL – “This Shit”

Let SOL cap off your summer with “This Shit”. If you dig that Hippy Hop vibe, grab some free music from his site.