Mr Benn feat. Serocee – “Rising Star”

Mr. Benn gets his name from cute little British children’s’ character, but the rapper Mr. Benn does not wear a black suit and bowler hat. Dig the dancehall vibes on “Rising Star”. The dude’s been around for years, but this is the first single off his first debut album.

Dizzee Rascal – “Bassline Junkie”

Dizzee spits out a head nodding single, “Bassline Junkie”. Video boarders on blasphemy – amen! And grab the free mix tape!

Smasher – “Doing Me” Ft Mighty Moe

Pirate radio DJ and producer turned MC, Smasher, brings it from the UK with “Doing Me”. It’s a good hook, and these dudes spit fast.

Linkoban – “Like This”

Directed by Lucy Love, Linkoban is da bomb. Dig this UK rapper’s style in her video for “Like This”.